How to Apply For Student Visa

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You have decided to pursue your higher studies in another country, far away from home. Kudos to your guts! While you were applying, you came across the term student visa. Are you wondering what it is, and how to apply for it? Your rescuers are here! We at Hoopers Group decided to make your research simpler, by giving you a step by step process for the application and receipt of this visa.

What is a Student Visa?

Most of us have travelled abroad. So we all understand the concept of attaining a visa, dont we? But for the purpose of explanation, a visa is an official document which allows an individual to obtain access to the territory of the country they wish to visit. They are granted by consulates, and are important documents for each individual. Every country issues a separate one which must be possessed by every person wishing to travel abroad, for any reason whatsoever. It has various types, too. Like a tourist visa, a business visa or a student visa. Coming back to the point, a student visa is issued to those individuals who wish to pursue their higher studies abroad, like you. There is a long procedure to be followed through it, but dont worry, for we at Hoopers Group will walk you through it. Rather gently, too.

Step 1: Apply and get Selected to a University


This is the very first step. Identify a country, identify a college I n said country (or maybe 2 because you dont want to take chances do you?) and apply for the admissions procedure. Keep in mind that there are a number of websites which allow you to do so, but the official one of the university is the most authentic one. So make sure you only use that, and that only!

Step 2: Identify the Requirements for a Student Visa for Your Country

You know which country you are going to now, great! All you have to do is, conduct a little bit of research for all the necessary documents which the immigration officers at the Consulate of that nation would require YOU to bring. For instance, The USA has made 3 categories of visas (F-1, J-1 and M-1) which have different requirements and documents. So it is necessary for you to find out what type of course you have, the type of visa you need to apply for in the case of the USA and all the other minute details. Make sure that you do not procrastinate, and find out the necessary details before-hand. It is never bad to be extra prepared!

Step 3: Fill Out the Forms and Pay the Fee

The USA provides you with some forms like the Nonimmigrant Visa Application, an approved I-20 form, which states the purpose of your living period in the USA and should be signed by your University, as well as a passport size photograph. Now where are these forms to be submitted? If you fill out the DS-160 form, then your visa application can be submitted online, which is what we suggest you do. You also need to pay a particular amount of fee for this application in some nations, and attach the receipt to your printed copy. The next step is to book the appointment for your Visa Interview, which can be easily accessed after you are through with your application process.

Step 4: Give a Great Interview

After you have booked your appointment for the interview, you need to assemble all the documents you attached in your online application, and prepare yourself for the most important interview of your life-yet. In fact, to help you with this particular process, we have made a list of top 10 tips to help you prepare for your Interview, which can be accessed through our website. The most important one is to stay calm, and breath.

Step 5: Submit your Documents in Person

After your interview, your fingerprints will be recorded, and then your application needs to be submitted in person to the consulate. All the required documents, as well as your passport sized photograph, and your fingerprints must be attached. So make sure you have at least 2-3 copies of these papers. There are a few other important details which will be told to you throughout the process, so make sure that you listen well and follow the instructions. Meanwhile, change your entire wardrobe because you are going to a brand new country!

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