About the Website
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The University Finder is a team of trusted individuals who wish to make the experience of studying abroad a dream come true for its clients. We understand the nitty-gritties involved in obtaining a visa, and thus in an attempt to make it easier for anyone who wishes to study abroad or loves travelling provide our assistance and guidance in the entire process. Our company thrives in excellence, and we provide personal on-call assistance to any person who approaches us. Whether it be the application process for any sort of visa, for any country, we can help you by guiding you and providing our assistance at every step possible, right till you are off on your trip!

We also help students who wish to travel abroad for further studies, by providing them data about various universities and guiding them through the application processes of the same. If you are looking for information regarding scholarships, exams and the likes of it, you are at the right place! Check out our various blogs on tips to crack interviews as wellas other interesting write-ups. For further information or queries, contact us.

What is TuF?
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The University Finder stands with those aspiring to study abroad and immigrate. In every step from the application, until you step in your dream college, we take your side. We guide you through the process and make you aware of everything needed.We have a collective experience of over 12 years. Our motto is to provide the utmost comfort and support to the students. We ensure that a student that approaches us is looked after throughout the process.

We also help students who have been wavering when it comes to selecting an appropriate course. We ensure that all the proper documents are available with the students and help in visa processing.It is true when mentioned we will help you throughout the process. We help students with post-study visas, graduate trainee roles, permanent residence and jobs abroad.

The University Finder has been providing reliable and satisfactory services to many students. They have been placed in universities across the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mainland Europe over the years.We have helped numerous student in pursuing their educational aspirations and building their career.We act as a bridge between your aspirations and goals and make the journey towards your dream a comfortable one.


Vision and Mission Statement

The vision of the company is to help each and every individual involved in the company to excel and achieve their maximum potential. Starting up from a rough background and building itself up to the company it is today is what made it successful. The company has built a large networking system that has outstretched its arms to different people from different parts of the globe. The company seeks to inspire people to keep progressing, working hard and hopes to propel globally in the future.

Core Values

The company core values are a hybrid of small things that has worked over all these years in making them achieve the amount of success it has today. It has put emphasis on adding value to society and creating its mark. They aim to make themselves unique and promote experience amongst the people.